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3 Steps for a good Green Cleaning

imgFirst Step

Work Smarter, Not Harder - Implement routines to prevent your home from getting dirty. Cleaning green doesn't necessarily mean cleaning more. By preventing cleaning chores, you reduce the time needed to clean your home.

imgSecond Step

Get Green Tools - Look for cleaning aids and tools that do the least amount of damage to the environment. Two example of tools that hurt the environment are mop systems and single-sue wipes.

imgThird Step

Use Green Ingredients - Cleaning products that contain petroleum-based chemicals can get rid of undesirable elements, but they also introduce their unhealthy components into your home.


It is all about making changes in how and with what you clean. Even small changes matter a lot. Try to do some preparatory work, and come up with a plan to launch your clean-green attack.

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At the end of a small peninsula pointing out into the center of the bay, Tiburon is blessed with gorgeous views, much like Sausalito. It’s a small community, but has a handful of fine restaurants that constitute destinations in themselves. The name comes from the Spanish Punta de Tiburon (Shark Point). Take the ferry from San Francisco, browse the shops on Main St, grab a bite to eat and you’ve seen Tiburon. The town is also the jumping-off point for nearby Angel Island.


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