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  1. Do I need to be home when you arrive?
    No, our customers trust us to do a thorough cleaning when they are not home. Routinely, many provide keys which we safe keep.
  2. How many people will clean my home?
    That depends on your needs. We typically have two people per hour.
  3. Do I need to provide my own supplies?
    We come fully equipped, but if there are special supplies you want us to use, we will use them.
  4. Can I provide a list every week?
    By all means. We’ll do everything we can within the time you allot.
  5. How do I pay for services?
    We accept checks, cash and hope to offer you credit card payments in the near future.
  6. Will the same cleaning crew come every time?
    Usually, if you are a regular customer.
  7. What do you charge for your services?
    We charge per hour in most of the cases.
  8. How do I get started?
    Call us at 415-899-9437 or go to the estimate form and send it to us. We’ll give you an estimate how many hours it will take to clean your home the impeccable way!

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